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Small Swiss company founded by a passionate owner of a Full Size Jeep Cherokee,  Wagoneer, Gladiator Jtruck which aims to rebuild and market spare parts that are extremely rare and not found, for a quality restoration

Why trust us?

All orders for US & Canada are sent from our US warehouse in Michigan. Our products are sent in almost every country in the world from Switzerland, through the Swiss postal service.


Preparation and shipping are made within 24H of receipt of the order. The delivery time may vary according to the destination, but it generally takes 3 days for USA and 7 to 8 days for other countries.


From August 2015, our production stock has moved to the United States in Traverse City, MI, allowing us to make deliveries within 3 days, and sometimes free of shipping costs.


If you would like information on my jeep restoration or on my new commercialized product, I will gladly share my experience with you. My mother tongue is French, but I also speak English.

Hello. I love your lenses. They're probably even better quality than the factory ones. I'm really impressed that you included the chrome surround, date code, and "cats eye". Very impressive. Couldn't be happier. Keep it up! Hopefully there is enough demand that you can stay in business making them. Thanks!

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Why do I reproduce jeep parts?

Frossard Dominique

CEO and Swiss Jeep aficionado

From the start of my own cherokee jeep restoration I acquired experience about what parts are rare or not on models cherokee not the jeep cherokee 2016, but in vintage version of Full Size 1964-78. The mechanical parts for car or truck are easy to find on multiple website dealer with many range of price, but exterior parts are most difficult to find, especially parking light and bumper stripes, that the reason why I decided to start some project to rebuilt these parts and put to the market. First year of AMC or Kaiser jeep model are absolutely unavailable from a long time.

In general I reproduce 100-200 items of each parts, but like i am of these molds owner, I can easy produce 500 or more items on demand with interesting prices.

Where is my product

The products from our own production are stored in an ultra-modern warehouse connected to our various online shops (ebay, Amazon, online shop). 

We do not sell products from this location and do not have a physical store. Camping products are sent by our partners.

JeepCherokeeChief Store

807 Airport Access Road, Unit D Traverse City, MI, 49686 United States